Are we frauds? Are we always showing a version of ourselves that isn’t true? We all want our social media profiles to show us in the best possible light. We only post the happy stories. We only re-share articles that other people thought were interesting.

So, who are we if our online version of ourselves is fake? Are we fake?

Perhaps we should start searching for who we really are, on the inside. And, post that online?


When was the last time that we had any genuine rest? Last time we took a vacation? Been a while for either? According to the statistics we don’t take all of our vacation time and don’t recharge even we do vacation, because we tend to check back in to work.

So, when was the last time we had a rest. A day with nothing on the agenda. Nothing planned. Except resting. Perhaps some eating, and even preparing food instead of ordering it. No chores done and no items marked off the todo list. An actual day of rest.

sound amazing?

Stop…. shopping?

Have you ever thought of doing a shopping ban or not buy anything that isn’t a dire necessity of life?

We can sooo easily buy stuff in our consumption world. Need gas at the gas station, buy a chocolate bar with your gas. See a nice shirt in the mall, everyone can use another shirt. But do we ever stop to think about what all those extra purchases add up to? More stuff that we don’t need in our homes or in our bodies.

Perhaps we should ban ourselves from frivolous purchases?

What do we want

What do we want out of our lives? Is it to have a highly stressful job that keeps us away from our families for long periods of time? I didn’t think so.

So what do we want:

  • to be loved and to love in return
  • to spend time with those who mean the most to us
  • to do something meaningful with our time in exchange for currency to purchase things we need
  • to give back to our communities that have given so much to us

Basically we want to be appreciated to not feel overwhelmed all of the time. We are the only ones who can change our lives to have more of the bullet points of life.

We are all afraid

We are afraid of what others will think of us if we show our true selves. I am so afraid, that this blog is currently anonymous. I’m sure there are many, many bloggers out in the interweb who also blog anonymously.

Why? Because we are afraid. Afraid of judgement, afraid of the fallout, afraid that we will be found out. It might not be about a blog, it might be about something that you only think in your head. But, we are all afraid of judgement about something, it’s part of being human.