The elimination diet is still going strong. I have tested a few foods now and some have gone well and some have not.

But, I have never been more proud of myself than I am right now for doing this elimination diet. It has been super hard at some points and seemed fairly easy at others. But, I am still going strong and I haven’t cheated once.

At this point cheating isn’t really a problem, as I have already gone more than a month on this, it feels like I’m into the home stretch now that I am adding back foods. It will still be months and months before I can get through all the test foods, but there feels like a light at the end of the tunnel now.

I have done quite a few hard things in my life, this trumps them all. I am so proud of myself for sticking with this. I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to know. Nothing is impossible, because if I can give up all the foods I love I can do anything.


Elimination Diet

The diet has gone quite well. So I will be starting the re-introduction phase tomorrow. I don’t think I will be posting more about it for a bit. It is quite a bit of effort to cook every single meal every day (I know, whiner!). Focusing on the food has taken up a lot of my time. and, I want to make sure I do it right. So i might be on a bit of a hiatus again. We shall see.

I am loving the ability to think clearer than before.

Elimination Diet Day 14

Well it has been two weeks now of eating almost the same thing for three meals a day. And, I’m still going strong, mostly. I have gotten a bit short tempered, bt I think that is normally after eating the same things!

Diet is still going fairly well. I have brought back in sweet potato even though i think it bothers me a bit. I can’t only eat butternut squash.

So far so good really. I’m thinking I will start reintroducing foods on Monday, but it will depend on how the weekend goes!

Elimination Diet Day 11

Today was a day of cravings and really wanting to eat donuts!

I went to the hospital to see the GI specialist this morning, only to find out that he has cancelled the colonoscopy that was scheduled for this coming Friday. Afeter every doctor visit I get myself a donut after as a treat for going to the appointment. That was not possible today with this elimination diet. So, instead I made to large trays full of sweet potato ‘fries’ and had those for dinner. It felt good to eat all I wanted of something instead of a set portion.

Tomorrow is a new day, and now that I don’t have to prep for a colonoscopy I can continue the elimination diet. I think I might start challenging foods on Monday. Depending on how the weekend goes.

Elimination Diet Day 9

I was super tired today. I’m not sure if it was because I did so so much today, running errands and prepping food, or if I didn’t sleep well last night, or what.

But, I was tired all day. I didn’t have any brain fog, but I was lethargic a lot of the day. I did enjoy the yoga class this morning though, it was lovely. Perhaps getting up in time for the yoga class through me off? I don’t know.

Today was also a day filled with temptation. I went to Walmart and had to wait through the candy aisle. I went to two different Superstores, and had to pass the valentine’s day candy displays. And by the time I got home from all of that I really really wanted some cadbury mini-eggs. I wanted something sweet and crunchy and chocolatey. But, it was only a craving because I was super tired and lethargic and wanted a pick-me-up.

Hopefully I get a good rest tonight and tomorrow is a new day.

Elimination Diet Day 7

Well I gave in around 1 am and took my migraine meds. And, today was an okay day because of it. So, migraines are not cured from the elimination diet. We are going to have a big weather shift, so I guess that was the cause.

But, it has now been a week and a few hours since I started the diet. And, I’m not feeling all that much different really.