Follow your passion

I’m a bit tired of all of those people who say ‘follow your passion’. This phrase makes me wonder if passion is something that we are constantly following behind but never catch up to. It is always in the lead and we are always following it. Some phrases are just weird.

Follow your passion, to me this is the worst advice ever. Following your passion gets you literally no where. You need an income from something, and likely whatever you are passionate about is not something that others will pay for. So follow your passion as a hobby. Again I don’t think this is a magical thing, following your passion.

I think that people should find jobs that give them a sense of purpose and provide enough income to cover their costs. And have different hobbies and activities that you enjoy that can ebb and flow. You might be into crocheting for a while, but then you find you want to spend that time playing dodgeball.

Passion is something that should be left for a special someone in your life 😉