Today is my birthday. It’s not a milestone birthday, just another year past and another one ahead.

I’m not a super big fan of birthdays. I don’t like being the centre of attention or having a big party thrown for me. I’m not really a gift person, and I’m thankful that everyone in my life knows this and doesn’t buy me more stuff that I don’t need.

But, I had a fabulous day for me. I am super lucky that my employer gives everyone the day off on their birthday. So, I took myself out for breakfast to a higher-end specialty breakfast place that I like, and got to sit at the counter and watch all the cooks in action. Ran a couple errands, but not rushing to get to somewhere, so wandered the aisles as much as I liked. Had a fabulous massage for an hour chit-chatting with the masseuse in a super relaxing way. Had a free Starbucks treat because it was my birthday. And I’m planning a snackie dinner of all my favourites and a relaxing quiet evening of doing not much.

It has taken me quite a long time to realize that a great day for me is mostly on my own doing my own thing. I’m introverted but I generally like to be around people, so out at a restaurant on my own I love. I don’t have to entertain anyone that I am with, I get to people watch and overhear others conversations.

One thing I guess I celebrate as I get older and know myself and what I enjoy better, is making sure that I get to spend my birthday exactly the way that I want to that lets be rest and recharge.

Birthdays should be celebrated the best way for us, not for those around us who like to throw parties, but what is the best day possible for the birthday boy or girl!