Superficial Friendship

Online friendships are superficial. They are not the same as real life friendships. Interestingly I always knew this about Facebook Friends. Even though all of my Facebook Friends started out as someone I knew in real life.

For some asinine reason I thought that the new twitter friends I had made were different. I spent much more time with them, I was open and vulnerable. I talked about my depression and when I was having a very bad day with it. I put my self out there, all the odd quirks included. All of my self, including too much of my heart.

In reality it was just a birthday, and that only one twitter friend wished me happy birthday isn’t a big deal. And, I appreciated that one twitter birthday wish a lot more because it was someone I didn’t interact with often. Am I making a big deal of this, yes I am.

For a superficial friend to miss your birthday isn’t a big deal, at all. It is actually kind of expected. The problem here for me is I didn’t realize that the friendships I made were only superficial. I thought they were true friendships. I thought we would be friends for years and years, I thought I would spend money (and I don’t have lots) to meet these friends in real life.

Friendship is not something I have ever found easy, but I thought I had found my people, I was wrong. And, that is a hard thing to realize.