Honest is something that we say we want to be. And, I want to be as honest as I can without hurting someone else. But, this also means that you need to be honest with what you need and want.

My love language is words of affirmation. That means that I need someone to remind me often that I am important and that I matter. And, for me written matters more than verbal. Because written words of affirmation I can go back and look at again later if I need to.

It also means that I “should” tell people what I want and need. And, I didn’t. I really needed my twitter friends to wish me a happy birthday. Which in turn meant I really needed to TELL THEM that I needed them to wish me a happy birthday.

I should have been honest with what my needs were. It was a great learning experience. Honesty in friendship is more than just telling your friend when they have spinach in their teeth, it is also being honest with what you need and want from the friendship.

Is there something you which others would do for you? Be honest and tell them.