Love and Kindness

Put out into the world what you want back. Do you want anger and cynicism? Then put that out into the world. Do you want love and acceptance, then you know what to do.

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day. And, I hope that every person that did was met with love and kindness. I know that not everyone was. I have heard enough stories to know that not everyone is met with love and kindness. This isn’t cynicism, it is just the unfortunate fact.

My hope is that anyone that isn’t met with love and kindness doesn’t stop being loving and kind. We can only change ourselves not others. But, if we are on the balance of our lives loving and kind. If we show the way to a great life is through love, perhaps other people will follow our example. Perhaps if we put more love out into the world it will be a more loving world. And, we might just get a little of it back.