Rough Transition to Adulthood

I can’t imagine the rough transition that today’s youth have when they enter the workforce. Schools are such cajoling places now, you get credit just for showing up and trying. You don’t get flunked from a grade, even if you really don’t understand the concepts or have the spelling, math, or writing ability for that grade. You just keep being shunted along on the education factory track. Think about that for a minute, the school system (and many parents, I’m sad to say) don’t care enough about that individual child to hold them back a grade until they mature a little and gain the knowledge they need to succeed at the next grade. How is that child ever going to then succeed in life?

That kid who was shunted along into high school might graduate or might not but they then need to get a job. What kind of life can that child have without the basics of how to learn? Many jobs would be difficult as they require more effort than school did for these kids and just showing up and sitting at the back of the classroom. The employer would expect more from them. That must be a rude wakeup call. They weren’t given the tools as children and if they want more than a minimum wage basic job they will have a very hard road ahead.

I’m not sure what my point is, except how can you expect a kid not to be angry when they face the rude awaking that they were not given the tools to succeed. That no one cared about them enough to help them gain those tools.That no adult in their lives cared enough to ensure they learned skills such as perseverance, respect for your own ability, tenacity, self-respect, an self-worth.

Without these skills, adulthood would be a very rude wakeup call. I may not have learned a few such as tenacity until later but I am grateful for teachers and parents who cared enough to make me persevere when something became difficult for me. Hopefully, you had the same.


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