Best Friends

Do you as an adult have a best friend?

Wait let’s go back a step, what is a best friend? Is it someone you have been friends with for a long time? Perhaps since childhood? Or is it someone who has been very supportive and your go-to person cheering you on? Or is it the person who you rely on when things go horribly wrong?

I think a best friend is in the eye of the beholder. If you feel that someone is your best friend, then they are.


I don’t have a best friend.

I don’t like that term. For me, it brings back memories of recess where someone is your best friend one day and the next day they have a new best friend. Best friendship as young-ish children is fleeting and changes with a whim.

I prefer the term close friend. I have a few close friends who I can rely on and who are supportive of me and I of them. Friends that I know will be there through this season/stage of my life. Will they always be my close friends? Perhaps not but they will ALWAYS be my friends.

I think friendships like romantic relationships change over time as we change as people. And, I think that should be more normalized. The friends you make through school may or may not have the same ambitions or goals that you have after school. And, that is okay. Those work friends that you make to get through the workday, but you don’t talk to much once you change jobs. That is okay too.

Don’t put too much emphasis on making or having a ‘best’ friend. Just be a good friend and find people that love you for who you are. Sometimes they are hard to find, but once you do. You know it.



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