Have we ever stopped to think about our parent’s childhoods? Most of us don’t really see our parents as people who were once children. They are just our parents (or step-parents or whomever step into a parent role and shape our lives).

But they also had a childhood, and that childhood directly affected how they raised us. And in turn how we were raised will impact the way that we raise any children we may have.

Perhaps it is worth asking our parents what their childhoods were like and what events happened to them, it might help us to better understand ourselves and our own childhoods.

It just gets harder

We know that there are things that are important that we should do. Every time I go to a funeral or hear of a friends’ friends’ mom that died and didn’t have a will, I think I should really get one of those.

Wills are something that are so very important once you are dead. But, when you aren’t dead they don’t seem overly urgent. I’ll get to it one day. And, oh I should really get that done, but there is no real hurry.

I’m sure there are many things that we all really should do that just get harder the longer we put them off:

  • wills
  • planning what happens to your things (or children) if anything happens to you
  • financial planning for retirement (ha!)
  • getting a medical physical
  • life insurance

The list can also include smaller scale things, such as eating better and exercising regularly. They would be so much easier if we just did them, instead off putting them off.

Numbing Activities

What are your numbing activities? Numbing activities are the things that you do when you don’t want to deal with your own reality. The activities that fill up your time when you could be working on yourself or that business idea you have had for years.

For example, mine are:

  • video games
  • movies
  • binging tv shows
  • reading
  • napping
  • reading my RSS feed
  • doing anything to not consciously think

There are many other activities that could stop you from having original thoughts. I would guess that most people would have similar numbing activities, what are yours?

Can you stop at just one?

There was a commercial that aired quite some time ago for potato chips. The main character said ‘Bet you can’t eat just one’.

How many times do we try to convince ourselves of things? Oh, I can buy these cookies, I’ll only have one a day, or I’ll start the diet on Monday, so today I’ll have that restaurant desert.

Truth is we are very bad at limiting our selves to just one and for putting things off until tomorrow or Monday. There is always another Monday around the corner, right? 😉

Next time we are at the store we should walk away from the cookie aisle and say no to that desert, because every choice we make matters to our long term health.

Start today.

Going, somewhere?

The phrase ‘go your own way’ conjures up all kinds of anxiety for me. Where should I be going? How should I get there? Why should I go there? How is my way, mine?

Is’ your own way’ a real place I’m going to or is it just a way of living. Am I doing it all wrong? Because let’s be honest I’m not really going anywhere in a physical sense or in a life sense right now. Life seems to be at a standstill right now, just treading water and doing my best to stay afloat.

How, where, what, when, why should I go my own way at all? Or is everything already my own way.