Elimination Diet Day 8

Uneventful day. Still eating the same things, went to the gym, and out to a movie: Jumanji


Elimination Diet Day 7

Well I gave in around 1 am and took my migraine meds. And, today was an okay day because of it. So, migraines are not cured from the elimination diet. We are going to have a big weather shift, so I guess that was the cause.

But, it has now been a week and a few hours since I started the diet. And, I’m not feeling all that much different really.

Elimination Diet Day 5

After much thought about anything I did differently yesterday, I missed a major change in my review yesterday. I started cooking with coconut oil yesterday. THAT was the major change. And, well I won’t be using coconut oil, ever. It’s the first definitive (sort of) thing I can remove from the list. I will try bok choy again to make sure that isn’t an issue, when I try to challenge foods. But for now I will also eliminate bok choy to be safe. I also removed one of my antihistamines from my medications yesterday. I am planning to try alternating and only taking the morning one every other day for this week, and see how that goes. I hope to eventually not have to take them every day twice a day unless it is allergy season.

On to today! It was a day of safe foods sweet potato, kale, and chicken and a bit of steak. Felt pretty good today, and went to my gym class tonight and wasn’t faint or lacking energy or anything.


Elimination Diet Day 4

Everything was going well until about an hour after dinner. My throat and roof of my mouth started getting itchy… and then my guts got very upset. So, I reacted to something that I ate on an elimination diet…… fun.

I had bok choy and steak for dinner, with sweet potatoes I had also eaten at lunch and breakfast today. I also had a small portion of squash that I roasted for starches for tomorrow. So, it was either the steak, the bok choy, or the squash. I only had a mouthful of the squash so that is unlikely, and I had the same type of steak a couple days ago. So I would bet that the winner is bok choy.

I love being the type of person who reacts to the foods on an elimination diet that should be safe foods.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

Elimination Diet Day 3

Today was also my first day back to work after the holiday break. Food was okay today, no issues. Had steak with bok choy and radishes for dinner as a change from the constant chicken, sweet potato/squash, and greens.

I did have some extra starch in the afternoon before going to a gym class in the early evening. I wasn’t sure how I would manage, whether I would be lightheaded or faint from lack of food/nutrition but I was fine. It was actually very energizing, i’m so glad that I went.

I’m not feeling much different, but I also wasn’t headache today. Hands were a bit stiff but I was also typing a lot today.

Still going strong so far!

Elimination Diet Day 2

I have gotten past kale for breakfast, and butternut squash doesn’t taste as bad after two days of it. I guess I’m getting used to the taste. Plus, cilantro and parsley are my friends. Flavour, give me all the flavours!

Gut pain hasn’t changed any, and is actually a bit worse. My throat soreness is a bit worse, and I have had a bit of a headache most of the day, that is likely sugar detox related.

I’m not feeling super deprived, and have foods for meals for tomorrow all prepped. I think the key will be going to the grocery store, immediately after eating so that I’m not tempted by all the crap. It’s ‘awesome’ that the checkout lanes are at the candy, cookie, chocolate aisle…..

Tomorrow will be more of a real test, with it being my first day back to work after starting this adventure.

Elimination Diet Day 1

I have had some health troubles, that became more pronounced in the last year. To try to improve my health I am embarking on an elimination diet. Because I have a few different health concerns, I am doing a fairly restricted diet to begin with. Both a FODMAPs for the IBS and an AIP for the arthritis-like symptoms I have developed.

I ate my last bad for me food at noonish Friday, so I am more than 24 hours in and so far I haven’t felt too deprived. Although I was quite hungry this morning, so I was glad to have some pre-made meals in the fridge for today. I think that will be the key to this, having pre-made protein, starch and non-starch vegetables ready to eat when I need them.

Basically my diet will be limited to chicken, and some beef, squash and sweet potatoes, and greens. I can cook with olive oil and salt, so I do get some flavour. But there is a long long list of can’t haves that seem like most foods.

But, this is a journey to improve my health, so it is worth the effort and the time investment to pre-make food so I don’t fall off the plan. Right now I am planning to do the hardcore diet for two weeks, and then see how I’m feeling and re-introduce some of the things on a less restricted elimination diet. But, it will depend on how I feel.

Today I have been a bit headache, probably from sugar withdrawal, my guts have been more sore and upset than normal, but hopefully that is just an adjustment period.

I did make sweet potato chips today, which are quite good and feel like a treat, so when I feel deprived I can have/make those.

I’m not sure I will blog about this journey every day, but it is a convenient place to post notes about how it’s going, so we shall see!