The weather here is really starting to change. We haven’t had the great big weather swing yet, but it is coming! The trees are mostly yellow now and many of them are losing there leaves in bunches.

A couple days ago I was walking home later in the evening and spotted what looked liked someone’s spilled french fries on the sidewalk. As I got closer I realized that they were leaves from the nearby trees with shadows from the street lights!



When we are in the worst possible place, whether that be a soul crushing job or a relationship that is ending, there is always something you can learn.

Are you in a job where you are repeatedly saying ‘do you want fries with that’, it seems hard to find a way to learn and grown. But, you can if you try hard enough. You can learn about dealing with difficult customers, that could translate into managing a diverse team ten years from now. You can learn about your own strengths and weaknesses and what you need to improve in yourself to move on to another type of employment.

If you have a relationship ending it is a fabulous time to stop and really think about what you want in a partner, and what you are willing to provide in return. What could you have done differently that could make your next relationship better, do you need to learn how to fight fairly, or be more willing to compromise. There will be many things that you can reflect on and learn and grow and change for your next relationship.

The point is that any situation that you are in is an opportunity to grow and learn and change, if you let it.


Right now I want to be anywhere but facing this screen and writing. I have been thinking about what I would change about my life if there were no consequences and no one that could be upset/hurt.

It is making me very uncomfortable as we love to feel like our choices are taken away from us when really we live in an amazing time of abundance of choices. We can change our lives at any time.

What would/should we change, so the rest of our lives are our own and not someone else ideal?

Open Your Eyes

When was the last time that we read something, or saw something, or heard something that opened our eyes about ourselves and our place in the world?

Have you been exposed to something recently that just made you go ‘THAT IS AMAZING, I HAD NO IDEA!’? I haven’t lately, but I was hoping that you might have and could share?  😉

Being exposed to something that makes you shift your idea of yourself can be very powerful, but depending on where you are at it can also be a major major shift. Remember to be nice to yourself, like you would to your best friend about it.


When we look back we see that point in life where we pivoted or when or life took a different direction. But do we ever see that moment in real time? It’s so very easy to see looking back, when you left school, when you started that job, when you met that someone.

Do you need to pivot now? How would you know if you did?