Summer Vacation

We love to look back on childhood fondly and wish that we could have summer vacation again. No work and no responsibilities, and we can do whatever we want. But these are rose coloured glasses.

When we were kids and had summer vacation we had camp we had to go to, but might have had some say in where. We had chores (work) we had to do. We had no choice about being sent off to stay with family for a set about of time that we had no real say in.

Childhood wasn’t as carefree and lovely as we like to remember it being. We had very little or no control or say in what happened to us in the summer. We may not have had adult stresses of bills to pay or food to get on the table, but it wasn’t carefree.

Although, we didn’t have to go to a job that is the same every single day all year long, so perhaps it was better? It was a change of routine from the school year.



Have we ever stopped to think about our parent’s childhoods? Most of us don’t really see our parents as people who were once children. They are just our parents (or step-parents or whomever step into a parent role and shape our lives).

But they also had a childhood, and that childhood directly affected how they raised us. And in turn how we were raised will impact the way that we raise any children we may have.

Perhaps it is worth asking our parents what their childhoods were like and what events happened to them, it might help us to better understand ourselves and our own childhoods.