When I was young as in late teens and early twenties I felt I didn’t have a voice. I was doing things that others thought I should do. I went to University because my parents thought I should. I got a job because I met someone who needed a hand with something in an office and have worked in offices every since.

We all tend to do the things we are told to do or encouraged to do by those who are around us. But when are we going to choose to do what we want to do?


Next Best Thing

Right at this moment, what is the best thing that we can do for ourselves. Is it get off the computer and get outside or is it just sit and think for a moment?

If we stop to listen long enough, we know what is the best next thing we can do for ourselves. Whether it is rest or finally do that horrible nagging thing that has been on our todo list for weeks or months.

Go do the next best thing for you.


We all have a shadow that follows us into adult. It’s the labels and ‘personality’ that we were given as children and teenagers. We could have been called the messy one, or the smart one, or the dumb one, or the athletic one, or the difficult one, or fill in the blank one. I wasn’t the smart one. That was it, I don’t recall having any other label, just not the smart one. Not necessarily the dumb one exactly, but not the smart one.

We internalize these labels because the people we trust give them to us, but really they can be a negative shadow that follow us into adulthood and affect our choices.

We can’t let our shadow(s) stop us from living the life we want. I am smart, and athletic, and difficult. I am a fabulous mix of many traits, one will not define me.