We do laundry weekly in this house. Every week the clothes are washed and dried and put away. How often do we review our mental laundry list? We tend to get into a repetitive thought pattern about things and have the same conversations over and over. Do we take out our laundry list of thoughts and review them every week?

Perhaps we should.


It just gets harder

We know that there are things that are important that we should do. Every time I go to a funeral or hear of a friends’ friends’ mom that died and didn’t have a will, I think I should really get one of those.

Wills are something that are so very important once you are dead. But, when you aren’t dead they don’t seem overly urgent. I’ll get to it one day. And, oh I should really get that done, but there is no real hurry.

I’m sure there are many things that we all really should do that just get harder the longer we put them off:

  • wills
  • planning what happens to your things (or children) if anything happens to you
  • financial planning for retirement (ha!)
  • getting a medical physical
  • life insurance

The list can also include smaller scale things, such as eating better and exercising regularly. They would be so much easier if we just did them, instead off putting them off.