Music Horder

I have a lot of music in my digital account. It current sits at over 11,500 songs or pieces of music. It is a bit of a mess and it is one more place that I will be decluttering.

Digital clutter can affect us as much as physical clutter. It ways us down mentally and emotionally, and it’s hard to find that great song we love amongst the noise.



How many shoes do we really need?

No, really how many do we need? Casual for regular use, athletic if you’re an exerciser, dressy for the odd wedding, work shoes depending on what you do, sandals, flip-flops, hikers if you’re into that, and perhaps slippers. Do you really need more than that? And, how many casual shoes should you have? 2 pairs, 3? More?

At the end of the day, you only need as many as you have uses. But, the excess, they can be gifted to someone else who could use them. Our unused shoes could become the favourite shoes of someone else.

We should gift our excess.