I am saying No to spending endless time scrolling through social media. I am saying No to looking at posts by people I don’t really care that much about, the people who I haven’t spoken to in years.

I am saying No to constantly consuming negative news. I don’t need to hear/see the same news story fifteen times in a day. I know that there are horrible things that happen in this world, but I don’t need to be bombarded with them over and over again.

I am saying No to any activity online that reeves up any jealousy in me. I am trying to be okay with where I am at in my own life.

What do you want to say No to? Why don’t you?



We all move at a different pace, we can’t compare ourselves to others. As I’m sitting here writing we are having a storm blow through. Out the window I can see lower clouds that are moving super fast, but there are higher clouds that aren’t moving as fast.

Remember, just because someone else is perceived to be moving faster towards the goal than you, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get there.