Natural Selection

I had the awesome opportunity to go to the zoo today, with a couple friends. There is an area under construction for Giant Panda’s that will be coming for a visit. It got me thinking about Natural Selection, because Panda’s only eat one thing (bamboo) they are/were going extinct until humans stepped in to ‘help’ them procreate.

Do you have any friends, that natural selection is weeding out of your life? Do you want to let it, or are you willing to put in the effect to step in and ‘help’ keep the friendship alive?



I’ve never had a lot of friends in my life. In grade school I had a couple close friends, but we grew apart after school, as we went or separate ways. I never spent much time at University, I worked quite a bit and never had much extra time available for extracurriculars, so never really made friends there.

Once we get into the workforce we have ‘work’ friends. The people that we spend the majority of our days with away from our families. But, once you are no longer working there, they are no longer your friends. This was a hard lesson to learn. After my first grown up job I thought we would have these friends for life, I didn’t.

I now have a few close friends. It takes more work than I realized when I was younger. But, I am lucky enough to have a few fabulous people in my life who I could call in an emergency.

I know how precious these people are and I am willing to put in the effort to work at the friendship.