I don’t know the exact phrase or who came up with it, but what you put in your mind matters as much as what you put in your body. Or something like that.

And it is true. What you consume impacts you whether you want it to or not. If you eat fast-food every day it will impact your health. If you scroll through Facebook multiple times a day, that consumption impacts you as well. But, it isn’t consumption you can see like extra pounds around your waistline.

The effects of social media and news consumption are mental (usually). I say usually because anxiety can show through physical symptoms. It’s good to take a large step back from social media and news coverage every week. To keep your mental health in check. The world right now is a dumpster fire no matter what your political views are. Everything we see and read is hard to take in on a constant stream.

The take away here is to do what is best for you, even when you don’t know you need a news/social break take one. You probably need it more than you think.



I have been going through a bunch of medical tests lately. Thankfully not for anything really scary, but still not exactly spa treatments.

It has left me focussing more on my health lately and less on other projects and goals. I now have a medical ‘label’, with more tests to follow. But, nothing really horribly wrong. I just get to live in pain likely for the rest of my days.

This trial has shown me that health really is our most important thing. What we eat, how much we move, and what is going on in our minds can play a very large role in how healthy we are.

Count your blessing if you have your health, and don’t take it for granted.


Healthy eating?

I have been reading a lot about healthy eating and it so darn confusing!

They say we shouldn’t eat fat. They say we shouldn’t eat sugar. They say we shouldn’t eat carbs. They say we should be vegetarian, and another they say we should be vegan. They also say we should be paleo and eat like cavemen.

When did food get so difficult? I’m planning to try to eat mostly real food (not out of a box) and boxed food with fewer ingredients.

They would be appalled at this. But they don’t have to do the eating or live with the health consequences of eating food scientist created foods or diets that limit many food groups.