Common Decency

The internet is such a foul place at times. People say absolutely horrible things to other people. I don’t understand it. What you say online to someone else is no different than saying it to their face, you just don’t see a bodily reaction and the affect that your words have on someone else. You are ‘free’ as in you don’t have to see their hurt facial expression, but that doesn’t mean your words have not hurt someone else.

I’m not sure where we lost kindness or even common decency to our fellow human beings. Granted through history we haven’t had a ton of common decency to all people, but haven’t we moved on from that? Why are we regressing now that we are online? We are all one people and all deserve common decency.



We have all (I’m looking at you and me) have overreacted about what someone has said on the internet. We may have in our lower moments, even replied/commented/tweeted/shared/etc feedback that someone’s idea is stupid/dumb/idiotic/etc.

But, the question is what if we took the comment out of context. What if the way it was said didn’t give us all the background information or reasoning behind the post/comment/article/etc. What if once we had more information we would have actually agreed with the comment.

Remember out on the inter web that we don’t know all the information for someone’s viewpoint and should keep that in mind. Although, if someone is obviously being hateful, then that should be naturally shut down 😉

My point is that we don’t know what is going on in other people’s heads and we should always be kind, especially on the internet, so that our own comments don’t get misunderstood.


I have had two difference services into my home this week. One was fabulous, the service guy was efficient and polite.

The other service experience was so terrible I called the company the next day, and so far they have done nothing to rectify the service failure.

Good customer service seems to be rarer and rarer these days, or is it just me? With the advent of social media and the ability to publicly call out poor service providers, why would you not try to make your customer happy?

This doesn’t just point to service providers it is also us, those receiving the service. We are part of the service experience, we also need to be kind and polite to those providing us a service. However, if we are paying for a service to be provided and it is sub-par that should not be acceptable to either party.

The bottom line, be pleasant to all whom you deal with. But, if a problem occurs a company should be thankful when someone deals with it politely and try to rectify the issue.

Be kind out there!



Until recently I thought of this as only a religious term. But, it’s not only that:

Merriam Webster:
Grace: disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency

I’m thinking of this as how can we give ourselves grace. We tend to be so very hard on ourselves, more than we would be on anyone else. So I am trying to provide myself with grace. This is more than just kindness, because thinking ‘be kind to yourself’ hasn’t worked well. But ‘give yourself grace’, conjures up a whole world of kindness, gentleness, and forgiveness.