We can get almost, perhaps everything, delivered directly to our door. We can use different programs to have food delivered to our door whenever we like. We can have our groceries either delivered or packaged up at the store for us to drive up and have them delivered to our cars. We can have all manners of clothing, shoes, even eyeglasses delivered to our homes, and just send back what we don’t like or want. We can have almost anything we wish for delivered by a surprisingly long list of online vendors including Amazon and Ebay.

What are we missing out on by staying in our homes and having all of this abundance delivered directly to us? We no longer have the serendipity of meeting strangers in a store. Although, even if we did go to the store we would most likely miss the stranger while we stare at our phones.

I don’t know what my point is here, but as a society is having everything we want delivered to us whenever we want a good thing?