We are so quick to make assumptions, about ourselves and about other people. But, assumptions can be wrong. Sometimes very wrong.

I’ve assumed that there are many things that I couldn’t do. I have tried to blog a few times, okay to be honest, perhaps three or four solid attempts. But, I just couldn’t stick with it. I’ve been writing for this blog for over a month, it’s not longer than my ‘record’ of attempts but this one feels different.

I’m trying not to assume that this will be a failure, because there are lessons in every try. Plus, as this is anonymous I have less pressure 😉



We tend to need to learn a lesson more than once, sometimes a LOT more than once before it really sinks in. We know that we need to look after ourselves better. We say I should eat better, I should exercise regularly, I should fill in the blank.

But we don’t learn until we really really get it through our thick skulls. Well, I’m hopeful that this time I have learned the lesson of looking after myself better. But we both know that I will need some reminders going forward 😉

That is just the way things are!