We have so much to be grateful for but most of the time we really aren’t. Are we ever truly grateful for all that we have in life until it is threatened? We don’t see all the wonderful things that we have that many people don’t. We are so very spoiled in any part of the world that is able to read this. We don’t have to concern ourselves with the simple things that sustain life: food, clothing, shelter. But, we don’t see them as things to be grateful for until they are threatened or we are forced to really see how very lucky we are in this part of the world.

I try to be grateful for all that I have but I know I take it for granted. I am grateful for the opportunity to take simple life pleasures for granted.

Learn the Lesson

Life is a very patient teacher. It will keep throwing the same lesson at us until we learn it fully and completely. This happens to all of us in many different ways. We fall back into old patterns of behaviour, whether that is reacting a certain way to someone we love or eating too many cookies at one time or lounging more than exercising.

Sometimes we need the reminder lesson that these things are not good for us to be doing, and remember that we have outgrown those old patterns for a reason.

Thanks life for the patience and the reminders 😉