Super Power

If we were ever magically granted a super power what would we choose? There are many powers. A very strange long list of them when you get into obscure comic book characters, but I digress.

What is your choice, what super power would you like to have? (stop and think about it for a minute before continuing)

No, really think of a super power before you skim the rest….

Does our choice say something about us, and what we need to work on in our lives now? Or is it just a silly idea, as it will never actually happen?

I’m on the fence between invisibility (Susan Storm, Fantastic Four) and great strength (Captain America-ish). The invisibility would be a great selfish choice as I could just disappear into a crowd when I feel overwhelmed. But great strength could help so many people. I’m think of the strength in a save the average citizen from bad people or car accidents, not break into banks ;).

As neither of these super powers will actually happen. I guess it shows I need to get better at my introverted nature (and anxiety) in a crowd and I should find more volunteer opportunities to help people.

What is your choice of super power and how can you translate it into your real life?