I have been buying more stuff than usual lately, which has been a weird feeling for me. I read a lot about minimalism and have gone through all of the house and purged lots of stuff. But, that also doesn’t mean that our rooms are empty by any stretch of the imagination! But, it was at a comfortable level, with more stuff leaving than coming in.

But we both needed new fall coats that weren’t falling apart. We purchased more expensive ones than I normally would, but I’m hopeful that means they will last longer? We also both needed some new gloves for the coming winter. We also restocked a bunch of supplies from toilet paper to cleaning stuff to socks without holes in them.

All stuff that we did need, and all replacing stuff that has worn out or we have run out of. It just all happened at once and was a bit of a jolt to my minimizing heart 😉


Clean Slate

If we could start our adult lives over, would we change anything? Would we live differently, would we work differently, would we have different hobbies and interests?

This is a very interesting question for me and makes me very uncomfortable. I wish I had found minimalism before we bought our current home. I wish I had more courage to start the business I keep thinking about and talking about. I wish I had the energy to put more effort into my health and wellness.

That is a lot of wishing, what are your wishes? And, what are you going to do to move them forward?