Push Yourself?

Do we know when to push ourselves? I’m not sure we really do. I think we are so used to an outside source pushing us as children and young adults that we never learn to really push ourselves.

When we are children our parents, teachers, and coaches know when we need to be pushed to try a bit harder, run a bit further.

The problem comes once we finish formal education. There is no gym teacher pushing you to run a bit harder, reach a bit more. There is no teacher that gives back a paper with a rather stern ‘You know you can do better, resubmit’. There is no parent (that we want to listen to 😉 ) pushing us to be a better version of ourselves.

Once we are into the throws of adulthood with real jobs, bills to pay, and food to cook we no longer have anyone pushing us.

The only option is for us to pay for someone to push us or learn to push ourselves. I just started a fitness/nutrition course at a gym, the first workout was a killer, but I have two coaches to push me when I need it. I am also challenging myself to write everyday, even if it’s crappy. Words on the page are what matter, and fifty words is the minimum. I’ll re-evaluate at the end of September and perhaps raise it to one hundred to push myself a bit more.

Is there any area of your life that you can either get help or figure out a way to push yourself?


Can you stop at just one?

There was a commercial that aired quite some time ago for potato chips. The main character said ‘Bet you can’t eat just one’.

How many times do we try to convince ourselves of things? Oh, I can buy these cookies, I’ll only have one a day, or I’ll start the diet on Monday, so today I’ll have that restaurant desert.

Truth is we are very bad at limiting our selves to just one and for putting things off until tomorrow or Monday. There is always another Monday around the corner, right? 😉

Next time we are at the store we should walk away from the cookie aisle and say no to that desert, because every choice we make matters to our long term health.

Start today.

Going, somewhere?

The phrase ‘go your own way’ conjures up all kinds of anxiety for me. Where should I be going? How should I get there? Why should I go there? How is my way, mine?

Is’ your own way’ a real place I’m going to or is it just a way of living. Am I doing it all wrong? Because let’s be honest I’m not really going anywhere in a physical sense or in a life sense right now. Life seems to be at a standstill right now, just treading water and doing my best to stay afloat.

How, where, what, when, why should I go my own way at all? Or is everything already my own way.



Why do we let fear stop us from trying new things when we are adults. We don’t want to look stupid or silly or dumb, so we just stay on the sidelines.

But, life is meant to be lived. If we just sit at home and don’t try anything new, we never ever get anywhere new, which is a large bonus in life.

Go!  Try something new.


We all move at a different pace, we can’t compare ourselves to others. As I’m sitting here writing we are having a storm blow through. Out the window I can see lower clouds that are moving super fast, but there are higher clouds that aren’t moving as fast.

Remember, just because someone else is perceived to be moving faster towards the goal than you, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get there.


Thinking about myself and growth has been in short supply around here the last few days. I have been busy dealing with life stuff and not thinking about me.

It’s time we got back to thinking thoughts and writing them down again. Growth only happens through external force or through internal drive.

So I guess we need to find some internal drive, somewhere, somehow!