When was the last time you or I learned something new? Not just a twist on something we knew how to do like changing chicken for shrimp in a recipe, but something really new.

Is there a new technology that is expanding that interests you? Or do you want to learn to bake bread from scratch? Or how about go rock climbing if you never have.

Try something new. Anything new. I’m not sure what I will do, it has been a while since I truly learned something new to me. I’ll need to think on it and report back. You too? What new thing do you want to learn about but just haven’t found the motivation to yet?


Start Small

For any new project, the gurus and teachers say start small. So that is what I am doing here. Starting very small, each post is to be a minimum of fifty words. That really isn’t much for a thought about anything. It just gets you going. But, it is enough to make some progress. Starting, is the hard part. The smallest amount to feel productive is all we really need.

New Project

New projects are always so exciting. We are so excited to get going. But it’s the sustaining the project when it starts to get difficult that gets so very hard.

Well, this is the first day for this project, and we will see how it goes. I’m trying to not put a lot of pressure on this project, so hopefully the sustainability will be there over time.