Well it is that time of the year for me, where all of a sudden there so very much to do and get done. There are a string of family birthdays and anniversary get-togethers, I started a new program at the gym that is more time than I expected (in a good way, but still). I’m just feeling  very very overwhelmed.

But, after the next week and a bit life should get back to a more normal rhythm again. Can’t wait! Not that I don’t like all the get-togethers and birthdays, it’s just a lot all at once!


Learn the Lesson

Life is a very patient teacher. It will keep throwing the same lesson at us until we learn it fully and completely. This happens to all of us in many different ways. We fall back into old patterns of behaviour, whether that is reacting a certain way to someone we love or eating too many cookies at one time or lounging more than exercising.

Sometimes we need the reminder lesson that these things are not good for us to be doing, and remember that we have outgrown those old patterns for a reason.

Thanks life for the patience and the reminders 😉