When depression or anxiety or malaise hits we aren’t much interested in planning anything. Today, I created two different calendars for the next year. So now I have a plan for the coming year.

Hmmmm. Perhaps saying that I have a plan is a lot premature as all I have at the moment is a personal calendar and a family calendar. But at least when I want to plan something I can be organized about it, right?

Progress? perhaps



Ah summer, it reminds me of summer vacation from grade school, when we didn’t have much to do but be bored and go to a summer camp or two and vacation with the family.

But, summer could also be a great time to make some progress on the projects we put off, and put off. Most everyone else is in ‘summer mode’ and relaxing when we could definitely get the jump on the summer mode folks.

So what project should you make some progress on?