Rest Recharge

I have had a glorious few days of really resting and recharging. Spending time in nature. Spending time immersed in a glorious novel. And time to get a few not so fun things done around the house and off the todo list!

Once we step off the treadmill of our regularly over-scheduled lives it is amazing how very tired we are but just kept going as there was a schedule and things need to get done.

Sometimes what needs to get done most is rest.



Did we accomplish anything towards our goals this weekend? Did we spend quality time with loved ones? Did we rest and recharge like a weekend is supposed to be?

I did a lot of resting, but more in a ‘I wore myself out being stressed and busy most of the week’ than in a truly restful way. My goal this week is to build in a bit of time each day to rest and recharge, so that I have next weekend to spend time with good friends.