Anyone can do it

When someone else highlights one of our many strengths it’s easy to downplay it, and say:

  • it’s a simple skill that anyone can do
  • it’s not really that hard, let me show you
  • it’s not just me, so-and-so can do it too
  • I’ve always been able to do that it’s not that difficult

We want to retreat from the compliment and brush it off as something that anyone can do. When really it is one our gifts that we should celebrate and thank whomever for noticing.

What is one of your gifts, that you are embarrassed to have complimented? 



Do we make ourselves too available to other people? We are the ones that everyone else thinks of that could totally help with X!

Do you always plan Thanksgiving every year? Is your home where all the family events take place, even though it’s not your plan? Do you get constance requests for ‘Hey, can I pick your brain about something’?

Are we too available for other people? Should we say no? Perhaps the next time someone just assumes that the family event is at your home, or you can run that errand for grandma, say ‘I’m sorry I/we are not available’ and see what happens.

we should be more available to ourselves and our immediate family, then we are to all the other people in our lives.


Can you stop at just one?

There was a commercial that aired quite some time ago for potato chips. The main character said ‘Bet you can’t eat just one’.

How many times do we try to convince ourselves of things? Oh, I can buy these cookies, I’ll only have one a day, or I’ll start the diet on Monday, so today I’ll have that restaurant desert.

Truth is we are very bad at limiting our selves to just one and for putting things off until tomorrow or Monday. There is always another Monday around the corner, right? 😉

Next time we are at the store we should walk away from the cookie aisle and say no to that desert, because every choice we make matters to our long term health.

Start today.

Going, somewhere?

The phrase ‘go your own way’ conjures up all kinds of anxiety for me. Where should I be going? How should I get there? Why should I go there? How is my way, mine?

Is’ your own way’ a real place I’m going to or is it just a way of living. Am I doing it all wrong? Because let’s be honest I’m not really going anywhere in a physical sense or in a life sense right now. Life seems to be at a standstill right now, just treading water and doing my best to stay afloat.

How, where, what, when, why should I go my own way at all? Or is everything already my own way.



In theory we should all have somewhere that we feel safe. That we feel cared for, loved, and where nothing bad will ever happen to us.

But in reality do any of us have this safe place? We should, but sometimes the reason that we don’t feel safe is because of the negative, hurtful thoughts in our own heads.

The plan is for this to be a safe place on the internet, where we should feel cared for and loved.

We are loved.