Off Kilter

It has been a long couple days for me work wise. Which has spilled over to many areas of my life. Basically less sleep, less good food, less stress management.

It has been a while since I have been super busy for weeks on end personally and also at work. And, I am paying for it today. I’ve held on for a while, but as of this evening, I am off kilter.

So, I need to get in more self care. Is this common for September? Likely!



Personal Boundaries

Do we know what our boundaries are? Do we know where the line in the sand is drawn for what we will and won’t tell people, and how we will and will not allow people to treat us?

What does this boundary look like? Is it a soft pliable bubble? Is it open for some people to enter? Or is it a brick wall with razor wire and glass at the top?

We should (but don’t always) have only people in our lives that are trustworthy to be let through our boundaries. But, we should also have a boundary for other people, what they are allowed to know about and what they are not.

Do you know your personal boundary?


Are we frauds? Are we always showing a version of ourselves that isn’t true? We all want our social media profiles to show us in the best possible light. We only post the happy stories. We only re-share articles that other people thought were interesting.

So, who are we if our online version of ourselves is fake? Are we fake?

Perhaps we should start searching for who we really are, on the inside. And, post that online?


Thinking about myself and growth has been in short supply around here the last few days. I have been busy dealing with life stuff and not thinking about me.

It’s time we got back to thinking thoughts and writing them down again. Growth only happens through external force or through internal drive.

So I guess we need to find some internal drive, somewhere, somehow!

Worst Enemy

We know who our own worst enemy is. It’s not the bully from grade school. It’s not the sibling who seems to have everything figured out, and it’s not the co-worker who just got a promotion (if that even happens anymore now-a-days).

We know that we are our own worst enemies, and hopefully at some point we can learn to be civil to ourselves, and eventually be somewhat friendly.


Because we are all we got.


When I was young as in late teens and early twenties I felt I didn’t have a voice. I was doing things that others thought I should do. I went to University because my parents thought I should. I got a job because I met someone who needed a hand with something in an office and have worked in offices every since.

We all tend to do the things we are told to do or encouraged to do by those who are around us. But when are we going to choose to do what we want to do?

The bottom of the rock

Rock-bottom. You can only go up from here. There is no where to go but up. It can’t get any worse. Everything will turn around. What goes down must come up.

These are all lovely sentiments if you aren’t the one that is stuck under the rock at the rock-bottom of life. When you’re in that place under the rock at the bottom and you don’t have the will to move the rock, these sentiments are very not helpful.

If you are in that horrible place under the rock, All I will say is:

I see you under the rock, I value you as you are right now and if you need help I am here for whatever you need. Even if all you need is someone to sit beside you and hold your hand as you sit under the rock.

That place isn’t fun, but it is a place to learn the depths of self.


Are we the same person online as we are offline? I would say no, we only show our best side online.

We don’t show our temper tantrums online, or all things that make us tick. We don’t tend to voice our political or religious views unless they are vital to our sense of self, and even then not always. We don’t rock the boat online about anything.

We show our best side and our best side only. I haven’t updated my online photos in quite some time because I’m not thrilled with the way that I look right now. So I am not the same in real life as I am online. Perhaps that is something that should change. Perhaps we should all be who we are in every place and every situation? Or do we not want to rock the boat?