Thinking Time

I read a blog post recently that suggests we should set aside writing time as thinking time and not expect much out of this time.

Do we really even have thinking time in today’s world? Who doesn’t reach for a ‘smart’ device first thing in the morning? And then proceed to check it all day long until we fall into bed with the same ‘smart’ device.

Perhaps we should preserve thinking time, and if writing comes out of it great, but it’s the real independent thought that should be the most important point of the time.

Go, think!



We tend to lose ourselves in all the busyness of the day to day, when we don’t ever stop to think even the simplest thoughts. We just go from one todo to the next, to the next without stopping. A typical day:

We get up, likely late after hitting snooze a couple time as rush through a morning routine that is anything but a routine and speed to work. Throughout the workday we go through and handle email after email after email. Sit in traffic on the way home and remember that we don’t have any groceries in the house. Stop at a fast food place for some type of food substance to eat with our families when we get home. Then rush through the evenings events with the family, only to fall into bed at the end of the day exhausted.

And throughout the day we didn’t take the time to stop long enough to have an independent thought that is our own. This I am working on changing…. ever so slowly. Thinking is harder than you think 😉


Sometimes we just go through the motions. I have had one of those days. I haven’t had any original thoughts in my head. Just going through the motions of what needs to happen without stopping to think.

Sometimes it can be so hard to make yourself have an original thought in this information consumption only world. Let’s go think about… stuff.