We are so quick to make assumptions, about ourselves and about other people. But, assumptions can be wrong. Sometimes very wrong.

I’ve assumed that there are many things that I couldn’t do. I have tried to blog a few times, okay to be honest, perhaps three or four solid attempts. But, I just couldn’t stick with it. I’ve been writing for this blog for over a month, it’s not longer than my ‘record’ of attempts but this one feels different.

I’m trying not to assume that this will be a failure, because there are lessons in every try. Plus, as this is anonymous I have less pressure 😉



Why do we let fear stop us from trying new things when we are adults. We don’t want to look stupid or silly or dumb, so we just stay on the sidelines.

But, life is meant to be lived. If we just sit at home and don’t try anything new, we never ever get anywhere new, which is a large bonus in life.

Go!  Try something new.


We all move at a different pace, we can’t compare ourselves to others. As I’m sitting here writing we are having a storm blow through. Out the window I can see lower clouds that are moving super fast, but there are higher clouds that aren’t moving as fast.

Remember, just because someone else is perceived to be moving faster towards the goal than you, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get there.