We don’t really look in the mirror. Not truly. We fix our hair or brush our teeth or look at our outfit, but never really see ourselves. We see an individual part of ourselves. Checking that our socks match or that our hair isn’t standing up straight, and there is nothing stuck in our teeth but that is all we see.

Go an look at yourself, not your individual parts but you as a whole. You are a fabulous human being! You are unique, no one else in the world looks exactly like you (even identical twins can have different facial expressions, so go with it). You have unique gifts to share, unique talents in a combination that has never before happened or will happen.

So, the question is, when looking at yourself, what are you going to do with your one unique life?



Socks are one of those things I have never really thought much about. I had always been a utilitarian sock person. I had black work socks that went well with black pants. I had white athletic socks that worked for exercising.

A friend opened my eyes to the wonderful world of socks. I know have a pair with gnomes on them and a pair with snowmen. Why? why not!

Socks are like many things in life that don’t have to all be utilitarian they can also be a bit of fun. Highlighters don’t all have to be yellow, pen ink comes in more then black or blue. Meals can have some spice to them they don’t have to just be fuel, they can be a taste experience too!

What else in our lives doesn’t have to be just utilitarian?